Metalworking and Processing

Product solutions, a pillar in quality, accuracy and price

By constantly renewing and actively searching for the best and most cost efficient solutions in the field of metalworking and machining, we can serve you optimally. With over 25 years of experience, we are the specialist in custom work and precision mechanical production. We apply innovative techniques, which means we can make almost any part. 


Share your design, the annual expected purchase quantity, delivery and packaging wishes and any target price with us and we will send our quotation within 48 hours .

Our production techniques

frezen milling

CNC- and conventional controlled milling

Maximum stroke X: 1250 mm
Maximum stroke Y: 650 mm
Maximum stroke height: 600mm
Maximum accuracy: 0,003mm
Particulars: up to 6-axis operations possible

CNC- and conventional controlled turning

Maximum diameter: 800 mm
Maximum length: 2000 mm
Maximum accuracy: 0,002 mm
Particulars: Automatic staff transfer

CNC Lasercutting

Maximum cutting range: 3500x2000mm
Maximum thickness of (casted) steel: 25mm
Maximum thickness of stainless steel: 20mm
Maximum thickness of aluminum: 15mm

CNC Tube and Pipe Lasercutting

Maximum cutting range: 6500mm
Maximum thickness: 10mm
Round pipes, tubes, L- and U-shaped profiles and flat strip

Manual or CNC-controlled folding

Simple and complex folding
Mold formation is possible
Maximum thickness: 35mm
Maximum setting range: 3000x1500mm
Maximum accuracy: 0.05mm

CNC watercutting

Maximum cutting range: 2000x1500mm
Maximum thickness: 200mm
Pressure: 4500bar (up to 1000km/h cutting speed)
Almost any material is possible
With and without abrasive


Simple and complex (die)casting
Maximum mold size: 600x600mm
Many types of material possible
Ideal for a large order volumes

CNC controlled punching

Maximum punching range: 3500x2000mm
Maximum material thickness: 8mm
Maximum accuracy: 0.02mm


Partial- or complete assembling of your product
Assembly line with a maximum of 10 employees
Maximum weight: 10kg
Maximum dimensions: 600x600mm

MIG/MAG Welding

Manually or robot-driven welding
Simple and complex welding work
Maximum welding range: 6000mm

Our finishing techniques

Finishing techniques we can offer for your product include:
(hard) anodizing, oxidizing, powder coating, chrome plating, galvanizing, galvanizing (nickel plating),
polishing, sand and pearl rays, deburring, drumming and laser engraving.

Quality without compromise

We check the production drawings completely before production.
Measurements and tolerances are accurately measured during the production process.
Upon completion of the product, it will receive a final check for damage or impurities.
Only when your product meets all quality requirements is it sent.

More possibilities

3D- printing

We can print your part in 3D. This gives you a realistic (scale) model of your product.

Choice of material

We produce your part in almost any desired material type; from steel, stainless steel, aluminum to non-ferros and plastics.
If you still have doubts about the right choice of materials, our engineers are ready to advise you.

Prototyping and laser engraving

We naturally offer prototypes to check quality and fit.
To personalize your product, we can also laser engrave your logo or image.

Batch volume and assembly

We can produce both small and large series. In addition, assembly of your product is also possible.


The high and consistent quality that Product Solutions can offer is achieved with the help of the most advanced production machines and measuring techniques. Thanks to optimum cooperation between our engineering department and specialists, no challenge is too big for us.

The machinery to which Product Solutions has access includes:


2x   DMG Mori NLX 2500, 3-axis turning combination
   OKUMA LT2000EX, 3-axis turning combination
   HAAS ST-10-V, 2-axis turning combination
4x   Miyano BNE 42S, 5-axis turningcombination
3x   Miyano 34T, 3-axis turning combination
2x   Tsugami B0206, 6-axis turning combination
2x   Citizen B12, 2-axis turning combination
4x   Helong HL-46FY-DT, 4-axis turning combination

Milling machines

1x   DMG Mori DMF 180/7, B-axis milling combination
   OKUMA GENOS M460-VE, 5-axis milling combination
1x   OKUMA MB-5000HII, 5-axis milling combination
2x   OKK VM-5III, 5-axis milling combination
1x   HAAS UMC-750SS, 5-axis milling combination
2x   HAAS VF-9/40, 3-axis milling combination
4x   HAAS VF-2, 3-axis milling combination
2x   HAAS VF-2SS, 3-axis milling combination
2x   HAAS DT-1, 3-axis milling combination
3x   Sunmill X5-320, 5-axis milling combination
6x   Sunmill JMV-850, 3-axis milling combination
1x   FEELER NBP-1100A, 3-axis milling combination
4x   Litz TV-500, 4-axis milling combination

Laser cutting machines

1x   Trumpf Trumatic HSL 2502 C
1x   Amada LC 2512-1AJ
2x   Amada LCG 3015
1x   Adige LT8 – 3,5KW
1x   Adige LT8.10 Fiber – 4KW
1x   Adige LT Fiber – 3KW

Water cutting machines

1x   JetMachining Center OMAX 80
1x   MAXIEM 1530

Bending machines

2x   Harsle 160T/3200
1x   Trumpf Trubend 5230 (CNC)
2x   JFY hpr-10031

Punching machines

2x   Nisshinbo HIQ 1250 (CNC)
1x   AMD-SE2510 (CNC)

Milling or turning CNC parts?
Product Solutions makes it possible!